Wedding Websites – Done Right!

We love wedding websites. In last week’s blog, we mentioned how important it is to update guests on your wedding details via your wedding website. There are many¬†outlets to create one for your big day without an technology or coding degrees. We did a little digging on the most user friendly ways to create, and offer our advice on what to include to make your website informative and aesthetically appealing. Shout out to our graphic designer friends for some tips!


Wedding Websites – Keep it Simple

Don’t go overboard! Incorporate small details from your theme even if you are just selecting one or two colors. You don’t want to give away your entire wedding! Let your website be a reflection of you and your fiance as a couple. Include neutral accents and large, distinct text so no one misses a detail. Your website is meant to be a hub of information, not extra fluff on how much you love each other. Save it for the vows! You want your guests to be able to check up on the date, attire, location, lodging accommodations, directions, and anything else you think is pertinent to their attendance. Add in some fun mentions of food or entertainment, but it’s not necessary. You know your guests better than anyone, so think of what will help them prepare for your celebration.

Do I need one? Wedding websites are so new, technology savvy brides are kicking up their planning a notch by incorporating these websites for a creative outlet. They are meant to be fun, adding an extra element to interact with guests before the big day. We get so much mail nowadays, but everyone has access to the internet. We hate to admit it, but sometimes invitations can get shuffled in the mix. It’s helpful to have a spot people can look up details for themselves, rather than add an extra layer of stress calling with question after question.

Where do I start?

The Knot, WeddingWire, and many other wedding focused websites offer a free building tool to create a quick page without any knowledge of coding. If you want to practice some skills and take your website to the next level, hosting platforms such as WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix allow you to choose and customize themes for more freedom and information.

Shine Bright,

The Co.