Wedding Wednesday: My Day of Essentials

As a wedding planner I am always lugging around a ton of stuff. On a daily basis my purse is stuffed with my Macbook, Simplified Planner, notebook, Ipad, cell phone and anything I might need throughout the day for client meetings, Wifey for Life and vendor meetings. However, on wedding day, I always travel light. I thought it would be interesting to see what a wedding planner packs for her day of essentials.

Side note: *Like most wedding planners I do have a massive emergency kit that travels along with me to every event fully equipped to handle just about any wedding day emergency. There will be a post soon on all that goes into that bag and a few tips and tricks on how to handle wedding day emergencies.*

Lauren O Wedding Day Essentials

1. iPad in my favorite purple iPad case: I can’t do wedding day without my iPad. All of my client’s wedding documents, vendor contact information and timeline are saved to my iPad prior to their wedding day. I am also able to download files, if needed, from their Google drive folder.

2. My Verizon jetpack. My jetpack goes everywhere with me. It has come in really handy on wedding day, especially when the venue’s wifi crashes and I need to pull a contract or other document on my iPad.

3. Cash. You never know if cash will be needed for parking, gratuities, lunch, or last minute emergencies. I always try to keep cash on hand.

4. My favorite purple Poppin pen and several copies of the wedding day timeline and vendor contact information. While I prefer to be paper free as much as possible, I ALWAYS have hard copies of the timeline and vendor contact information.

5. Tissue. Emotions run high at weddings so tissues are an absolute necessity. Lurlyne and I love a good love story so we often break out in tears during the ceremony. 🙂

6. Business Cards & my fancy Kate Spade card holder. I always get asked for cards at events so I keep them handy. The business card holder was a gift from my soon to be sister in law, Katie. It’s compact and perfect to carry on wedding day. Thanks Katie!

7. Carmex. I don’t wear lipstick but I always have Carmex handy.

8. Altoids. Gum chewing is a huge no no at weddings. So, I carry Altoids as an alternative.

9. Headset. Lurlyne and I wear an ear piece to communicate with each other. Many times I am with the bride and as the coordinator she is at the venue. We are in constant contact with each other to make sure we are on time and to handle anything that might come up on the wedding day. My ear piece also connects to my iPhone and allows me to talk on the phone hands free.

10. Watch. I always wear a watch and keep a close eye on the time.

11. iPhone and portable charger: The backup charger has been a lifesaver more than once. We all know that Apple battery life is less than impressive. I can plug into my portable charger and not worry about my phone dying on me on wedding day.

Those are my must haves on the wedding day. Next week I’ll list a few things brides need to pack for their wedding day.

Until next time, happy planning!