Wedding Wednesday: The Day Of


After months of budgeting, guest lists, dress shopping, more budgeting and invitations – the day is finally here! YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED!! As a recent bride and wedding planner, I promise you that the day of your wedding will go by super fast. I’ve put together a few tips to help you soak in every moment and enjoy the last moments before your Mrs.

Eat a good breakfast and drink lots of water.

It is very easy to get caught up in the emotions of the day and forget to eat. Designate someone as the food person, if you have a wedding planner ask them at your final meeting if they will have snacks on hand, or arrange for catering ahead of time. Let’s keep it real – no one is a nice person when they are hungry. The very last thing you want is to be hungry, dehydrated and low on energy on the day of. Do not skip out on the food!

Get ready where you can be comfortable and relaxed.

I worked with a bride that planned to get ready at her sister’s house. It was close to the church and her sister had an extra room. But…said sister also had three dogs and my bride was ALLERGIC! As a pet allergy sufferer I know the tiniest fleck of pet dander can send your allergies into overdrive for days. I quickly suggested that she find somewhere else to get ready on the day of. I often ask my brides at our second to last meeting where they plan to get ready on the day of. Many times they haven’t considered the logistics of where they should get married or the comfort level of the location. When choosing your day of location make sure it is somewhere that is relaxing and conducive to day of prep.


Start getting your day of stuff together before the wedding.

I always joke that I packed more stuff in my wedding day of bag than my hospital bag for Evan. Sad thing is, its probably true. For something as important as your wedding day you want to be prepared. If you wait until the night before when emotions are running high chances are you will forget something. About a month before your wedding make a list of what you will need on the day and night of and begin packing your essentials.


This might sound a bit nutty but music and dancing are good for the soul. Have a friend create a playlist or make one yourself and crank up the music while you are getting dressed. Dance, laugh and just enjoy this moment! Make it really special and throw in you and your best girl friend since high school’s favorite rap songs and enjoy a moment with your Mom by dancing with her to the first dance song from her wedding. You’ll smile and it will feel good to your soul, trust me!

Take a moment for yourself. 

It’s finally here. Can you believe it? You are feeling so many emotions in this moment. Pause and just sit in solitude. Think about your road here and celebrate the journey. Then breathe and get ready to have the best time of your life.

What ritual do you plan to incorporate in your big day?

Until next time, happy planning!