We’re Engaged! Now What?

Now comes the fun part.. telling everybody!

Now listen, It’s not going to be as simple as saying “Hey guys, we did a thing,” and letting the announcement drift into social media chaos as every family member, friend, co-worker and second cousin twice removed wants details, pictures, and an invitation. Yeah, now maybe you should rethink how you want to go about it. Announcing your engagement is exciting and will get the most buzz aside from your actual wedding day. You think you’re the only one who has been waiting for this day?


As we learned from our Bride Next Door, Alyssa, calling everyone right away can take away from you and your beau enjoying the moment. If the proposal is in an intimate, personal setting, hold off on letting anyone know until you both let it sink it and share smiles and excitement. Even if it wasn’t a complete surprise, it’s still a precious time to imagine your future together. Call everyone tomorrow, you’ll still be just as engaged.


Photo Credit: Moments by Gary

If the proposal was in a public setting, it takes a lot of share time out of the equation! If you always wanted a grand engagement moment with all eyes on you and someone taking a sneaky cell phone video ready to share with the world, embrace the speculation! Hey, let everyone announce for you! Let the congratulations pour in like it’s your birthday on Facebook, but be ready for the flood of attention! Everyone is going to want a piece of your day and it may become overwhelming. If he gets down on one knee in front of a big group of people, there’s nothing wrong with politely asking everyone to hold tight to their pictures and statuses until you can make an announcement yourself.

Make it creative!

This is where you can get sentimental and display your love for all your internet followers to see. The big tip here is to make sure you have already personally told your close friends and family so they don’t feel lost in the crowd! Give your mom a call and your sister a quick text and then unleash your big news on the world! Get your nails in for a manicure and snap away. Posting an all smiles selfie of you and your new fiance flashing the bling you know he is so proud of is the perfect way to mark the moment and update your relationship status. If you really want to make a statement, incorporating a prop such as scrabble pieces or a “Future Mrs.” coffee cup adds some extra flair!

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Our Bride Next Door Announced on Facebook!















Whichever way you tweet, post, text or video, just make sure you and your other half are ready for a lot of attention to come your way and a lot of love to fill your inbox. We kick off our #ISaidYes Instagram tips today to guide you along the way. The next step is to get your wedding planner on speed dial because we have a lot of work to do!