What To (Actually) Expect On Your Wedding Day

Happy Summer! With wedding season craziness, we haven’t had much time to blog! We wanted to offer some bits of advice to all our brides-to-be this year. As part of our wedding planning services, all our brides get an in-person appointment a couple weeks before their wedding date to go over the final timeline, questions, and jitters. This is a time we set aside to really make sure we are on the same page as our brides so when wedding day comes, everyone is calm, cool, and collected. The final couple weeks are when concerns arise that can be easily addressed so the anticipation is less stressful.

breakfast before wedding

The Day Before

You’re going to be a ball of nerves, but that’s ok! Savor these moments. Thrive on the excitement. You are going to be receiving a lot of calls and messages from people. It may be frustrating being asked questions the day before. The best thing to remember is everyone is coming for you. If a friend or family member is asking for advice on directions or parking, it’s only because they trust you above everyone else. Have a cut off time on your cell phone and make sure everyone knows. Have your plan ready for who is staying with you and where you’re getting dinner in place a week before to avoid confusion or unwanted company. Make sure you wash your face, drink plenty of water, and eat a healthy meal that evening. Go to sleep early!

Wedding Hair and Make Up

Morning Of Wedding

It’s go time! Heads up, you’re going to have to wake up really early. Depending on your hair and make up appointments, we see many brides start their day at 6 or 7 am. Your photographer will arrive early to start capturing these stages so the excitement starts before you even finished a cup of coffee. A big tip here is to designate someone to make sure breakfast is set up for you and your wedding party. Water, fruits, and protein are the big power players in surviving a long, busy day.

Bride & Groom with Guests

The Logistics

You’ll be waiting anxiously before the ceremony. We’ll have everyone lined up as rehearsed and cue each person until it’s your turn to shine. Smile big. Walk slowly. Your time here is precious. The ceremony may be emotional and a lot to take in. Try not to anticipate the next step, but rather listen closely to the words being spoken in this important time. After the ceremony is over, you’ll have a designated room to freshen up with food and beverages. It is so important to relax in this interim time before your reception. We’ll come get you when it’s time for your entrance. Next comes a whole lot of hugging and congratulations. Everyone is going to want to talk to you. It’s up to you how you want to handle this. Either make your way to each table or mingle among your guests. We’ll make sure you have dinner and a drink in hand.  Time to party!

Bride with bridesmaids

Appreciating Every Moment

The day of is often a whirlwind. We cannot stress enough to truly savor every moment that comes your way. The day is over the blink of an eye. Even the most detailed planner will let you know that not everything may be on time. Sometimes, even with buffer times, it is human nature for distractions, long-winded speeches, and slower ceremonies. When these situations come up, your planner will be there to set everything back into motion. You will never know how many things went wrong behind the scenes, but you should be proud of your finished product. Soak in the smiles, the laughs, and stop for as many pictures as you want on your way to the dance floor. The goal of your wedding is to enjoy the day, celebrating all the love in the room. Thank everyone. Breathe deep.


Photos: Melani Lust Photography Florals: @klwdesignco Hair @upstyle.co  Makeup @simplygorgeousbyerin Gown: @weddingembassy