What’s In A Name?

What’s in a name? Choosing a¬†coordinator, a designer, a planner, all these names can be overwhelming if you’re not sure what each person offers. To introduce our first video in a series of Facebook Live events, we wanted to go over some of these roles and responsibilities, and who is going to be the best fit for your wedding day plans.

Day Of Coordinator: Will only handle final pieces (4-6 wks prior). May do venue walk through. Set number of meetings. Will confirm vendors, build timeline.

One Day Coordinator: Shows up on the day of. Executes existing plan.

Event Producer: Manages day of strictly from production standpoint: Greeting vendors, dropping linens.

Wedding Designer/Stylist: Conceptualizes design. Full planning relationship: lighting, draping, linen on table, ambiance, atmosphere. They can also be florists! Florals are a large part of design in this case.

Wedding Planner: Strictly the planner. Logistical. timeline, vendors, picture timeline, where you’re getting ready. Where, When, Who.

Wedding Planners can be designers and stylists, as well as florists, and vice versa!


We are involved with couples looking to have us design the day, planning the vendors, incorporating the florals, we do it all! We typically start 18 months before the date to make sure we touch upon every detail our clients request. First, we educate the client on these terms so they know exactly what they need and what to expect from us. Making the appropriate suggestions and partnering with other vendors based on what you are looking for us our job, which is why you should always hire your wedding planner first! There should be clear communication and involvement between yourself and your planner to guarantee all vendors are on the same page.


Always make sure you know what’s included with the person you hired. Don’t be afraid to ask questions on what you need and what your possible planner/designer will handle. Be wary of someone who claims they can do everything! Make sure they have a solid, reliable team. I am so thankful for my team and the talents each member bring to the table (figuratively and literally!) the leading up and executing your perfect wedding day.

Planner Tip - What's in a name

Still not sure what you need? Let’s chat! A consultation meeting will lay out what you’re looking for, clarify who you need to hire, and start a plan to execute your dream wedding!

Thank you everyone for watching and commenting!

Until next time, Happy Planning!