why you need a wedding planner

Why You Need a Wedding Planner

Wedding Planning

Your budget guru. Your vendor guide. Your go-to wedding day gals- that’s us! Why you need a wedding planner for your big day is so much easier to show than tell. When you see us scouting venues, networking with wedding professionals, and creating the perfect timeline-that’s where the magic happens.

Why You Need a Wedding Planner
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We organize and conquer

First meeting we tackle the key planning items such as budget, venue, vendors, theme, and date. We focus on the big picture and create your perfect checklist so we stay on track, together.

The timeline is everything

Every detail is accounted for. We work with your venue and vendors to create a custom timeline that will guarantee a smooth transition from morning makeup to midnight snacks. We also make sure you have time to eat, drink, and enjoy yourselves!

why you need a wedding planner

We tackle the obstacles

Here’s the big one: the unexpected. As we have seen this past year, anything can happen. Having a planner that has all your wedding details at their fingertips to shift, move, negotiate, or fix a problem is key if something (happens to) to wrong!

Are you thinking, uh oh, I haven’t booked a planner yet! Or maybe you’ve been cruising a long but need some extra help to tie it all together. Let’s chat! Contact us (click here)!

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