Why You Need a Raleigh Wedding Planner

You’re drowning in options and overwhelmed, you know – you need a Raleigh wedding planner. Let’s face it, Raleigh is a huge wedding market. You have North Hills, Southeast Raleigh, Glenwood, Downtown. Whew, and we haven’t even touched on any of the satellite towns like Cary! Here at The Co. we could list a million reasons why you need a wedding planner. Period. We’ve actually written a blog breaking down why and in case you need more proof, The Knot also agrees.

We decided to double down and make this all about why you need a Raleigh wedding planner because the challenges you face in the RDU are unique to this area. And we want to help you navigate them.

Why You Need a Wedding Planner

A Raleigh Wedding Planner Knows the Venues

One thing Raleigh has no shortage of is wedding venues! But like many other cities, all of these venues offer a little something different. Instead of wasting your precious time scrolling online desperately finding the perfect modern, industrial venue that has more brick than barn, hire a planner.

Seriously, we know right away that if you’re looking for clean lines and a large urban outdoor space, The Maxwell would be a perfect fit. But if white space and refined industrial is more your jam, then The Distillery in Garner should be at the top of your list. We take away the guesswork and give you solid options, go live boo!

When You Book Matters

Hiring a planner local to the Raleigh market is also beneficial because we know when the annual festivals are happening and are up on other local events. I’ll never forget a horror stroy shared by a close friend who booked her Downtown wedding the very same weekend as the city’s yearly 5k. Not only was travel a logistical nightmare many of her guests were unable to book a hotel room within the city limits. Don’t let this be you.

why you need a wedding planner

We Tackle the Obstacles

Here’s the big one: the unexpected. As we have seen this past year, anything can happen. Having a planner that has all your wedding details at their fingertips to shift, move, negotiate, or fix a problem is key if something (happens to) go wrong! One key aspect of our job is crisis management. I know you’re thinking, “What could possibly go so bad that it’s deemed a crisis?” Well…

Picture it, we’re two hours away from go time. Hair and makeup are complete and the photographer has just arrived to take photos. Suddenly, my assistant calls with the worst news ever. The groom got black shoe polish all over his pure white tuxedo shirt. After deep breaths, the team kicked into high gear. We phoned a local tuxedo shop that we had an established relationship with, gave him the groom’s measurements, sent an assistant to his shop to pick up a new shirt, and slipped the groom into a crisp new tuxedo shirt with an hour to spare. That’s teamwork right there!

Are you thinking, uh oh, I haven’t booked a wedding planner yet and my fiance spills everything! Or maybe you’re stuck in analysis paralysis because of all the many great options Raleigh has to offer. We can help! Contact us and let’s get planning the wedding of your dreams.

Shine Bright,

The Co.