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When I first decided to take on planning a bridal workshop geared towards providing education and resources to Connecticut brides, I knew it would be a lot of work. Not only would I have to try and convince brides to buy into the concept, I would also need the full of support of vendors. I reached out to A LOT of vendors begging  asking them to sponsor a portion of the workshop. Let me tell you that this is no easy task. But!!! Along the way I have connected with some amazing vendors and I am truly honored that they are willing to donate their time, resources and ah-mazing products to make this little workshop of mine a success.

I poured through the internet looking for meaningful gifts for the swag bags for our Wifeys. One night I stumbled across the most awesome, and totally appropriate, “Wifey” mugs. I began reading about the owner Morgan, her love of bringing joy to a couple’s wedding and her company’s mission that was deeply rooted in love and gratefulness. I immediately typed up an email and sent it off praying that Morgan would create custom mugs for the workshop. A day or so later Morgan emailed me back. Not only was she excited about the opportunity she thanked me for reaching out to her to sponsor the mugs. I was blown away. Here I was asking her to send me, a complete stranger, her merchandise for free and she was thanking me. You just don’t find too many people like that these days.

Every bride that attends the workshop will recieve a custom “Wifey” mug made by Morgan, including me! Being the awesome person that she is, Morgan even sent a mug for me to enjoy. #winning!

Every week I will feature a different workshop sponsor or two on the blog.

I am honored to feature Morgan and her fabulous business, Sparkle by Morgan, on the blog today. Please read about Morgan, her faith, her inspiration and her favorite Kardashian. Oh, and don’t forget to register for the workshop!!

How long have you been in business?

Since July 2014


All Things Wedding

Who or what do you look to for inspiration?

The thing that has inspired me the most was my own wedding. I designed and created all the décor at my wedding which led me to start my own business! I was so bummed when my wedding was over because I knew all the DIY projects were over too. Since I didn’t want that to happen, making this business was my only choice, and the best choice I’ve ever made at that! I was a very picky bride so the other thing that inspires me is other brides that are preparing for their weddings. I love helping people and being able to take their vision and make it a reality! There are so many wedding styles nowadays so learning new things and getting ideas from clients is so much fun for me. All my customers inspire me as well. Everyone has their own taste and opinions. So I love to listen to everyone’s feedback! Lastly, other wedding/home decor shops and store owners inspire me. I love to see what others come up with. It shows me what customers love to buy and what’s trending! Also, what I am competing against!

Who or what motivates you?

God, my husband, my family and my customers. God has given me this talent and I have realized life is too short to not do anything with it. He is my strength and refuge. When I have failed he has been there to mold me into a better artist and has given me so much perseverance. Second, my husband has also always been here for me, and when I feel like I am not good enough he points out all the things I do right. He always makes me feel like I’m amazing and truly a great artist and person. Third, my family has pushed me and helped me to believe in myself. My wonderful mother has been the most motivational person in my family. Since I was born she knew I had talent and has always pushed me to be the best I can be. Even when I feel like I have messed up she always finds the good in everything I do. Lastly, my customers mean a lot to me. Without them I would not have my own business. Working with people is a passion of mine and making people happy is the frosting on top of a cupcake! All the feedback from my customers motivates me 100% to be a better artist, make my business the best it can be, and to make all my work the greatest quality I can make it.

You want your products to inspire…?

I want my products to inspire everyone. I want women to know that they can do anything they put their minds to. If you have a passion or talent, don’t waste any more time! Get out there and make your dreams come true. Also, if you love weddings and home décor as much as I do, think of what you want to make, set a time, sit down, and create! You might be surprised at what you can do! : )

Who is your favorite Kardashian/Jenner?

My favorite Kardashian would be Kim Kardashian. She is absolutely gorgeous!

Check out Morgan’s Etsy shop to see more of her beautiful products and custom creations.

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Until next time, happy planning!