Women’s History Month | From The Co.

Did you know March is Women’s History Month?

On top of that, March 8th is International Women’s Day. As a female run business, Lauren O & Co. celebrates girl power! Our team of strong women go above and beyond every day. We aim to share the wealth here on the blog. By providing you expert tips, behind-the-scenes perspectives, and our own personal experiences, we are real girls trying to take over the world! Women’s History Month exists to shout it loud!

“Behind the Co. isĀ  a lot of hard work! We like to let our personalities shine in our business. Supporting other women in their achievements is so important to long-lasting vendor relationships.”

Each wedding is a testament to our dedication and true passion to making dreams become reality. Our favorite moments in the business are those most don’t get to see. The exchanges between vendors. The set up of a banquet hall. Watching the first attempts to construct a huge wedding tent! The team that creates these magical moments have their own during the process. Big shout out to all vendors we get to work with and those female-owned businesses that hold their own, and then some!

2018 is an especially exciting year for women. In the past couple years, we have seen a major shift in the roles of women in business and leadership. We still have a long way to to, but it is an exciting time to see strong females taking powerful positions and making a change in the world. We are so fortunate to see great accomplishments by women but there is opportunity for more. Celebrate girl power year round and take a stand for female empowerment!


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