Women’s History Month

March is a month that teases us. Springtime, basketball, and the ladies that have made history. Owning a business and taking care of a family is all in a day’s work for so many women. We wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate and shed light on the history of this amazing month of appreciation. We hustle year round but take these 31 days each year to educate and inspire. Our mission is to encourage women around the world to live up to their full potential and make a difference.

Womens History MonthWomen have made a huge impact in the world of science, engineering, invention and so many more aspects of technological advancement. In 1987, it was declared with support from the National Women’s History Project to celebrate these accomplishments during the month of March, and many milestones have been reached since then. To perpetuate the education sparked by this month of observance, we ask you to take a moment to research women in history and the many contributions and outstanding influence women have offered to society.

Bride and her bridal party

Ladies, we have to celebrate one another! By creating a network of passionate and dedicated female influences for ourselves and our business we can accomplish anything. As an female event planner, it is so important to make lasting connections with other women. These ladies are out there hustling and making an impact in the industry. Below check out some links about events celebrating women’s history in CT this month. There is some additional information on the history and important women influencers and inventors!







Check out these events all over Connecticut celebrating Women’s History here. For more information from the official website for Women’s History Month click here and here.

Photo: Melani Lust Photography