Your Raleigh Wedding in 2022

Raleigh wedding trends change rapidly, just like everything else in this city. And as we enter into a new, less-pandemic year, it’s time to start getting rid of some of the wedding trends we’ve collected in the last few years. Here are some of the wedding trends we hope are left in 2021.

Big Bridal Parties

Overdone. Expensive. Non-personal. Like diamond rings, big bridal parties are falling out of favor with modern couples. While you might be someone who likes to spend a lot of time with friends and family on your special day, there’s no need to include everyone in your bridal party. Rule of thumb, have you spent time with them in the last year? No? Ok- they can have a seat at a table, not in your party. Bridal parties should be intentional, not an attempt to break a record for the longest line of similarly dressed women. Be honest with yourself, and save those fringe friends the money and stress of having to be in your party.

Traditional Venues

Traditional wedding venues such as churches, hotels, old school venues, and cathedrals are becoming less and less popular as the years pass. We can all agree that weddings have been trending towards a more casual (and definitely non-denominational) venue for quite some time now. If you are getting married in Raleigh, there are SO MANY options for a non-traditional venue. Museums, parks, pavilions galore! Get creative. Please, y’all…get creative. Get married somewhere that no other bride has!

Art Gallery Wedding

DIY (it isn’t cheap or easy)

DIY is one of the most popular wedding trends these days…in the beginning planning stages. Until the couple realizes how much work goes into a wedding day, how much those projects cost,  and how they don’t want to be setting their own tables before their ceremony.   

Pastel Colors

Lately, wedding fashion has been dominated by pastel colors. While we love a good table setting in muted tones, it’s been used so much we’re ready for some moody, fiery colors.  Let’s get bold! Kick that basic blush, and consider a deeply saturated color like burgundy, violet, crimson, or navy blue. Bold colors are a mood.

Complicated Personal Hashtags

There’s no denying we live in a social media-obsessed society. Rarely a day goes by without seeing a lavish proposal play out on Instagram Stories or newly engaged couples asking what their hashtag should be.  Skip the personalized last name mashup hashtag unless you are in the tiny group of people who have a short last name. People don’t use them. Save yourself the time and energy of thinking of a way to mashup Tinnirella and O’Brien. There is no way….move on. Trust us.

Pampas Grass

Pampas grass has been popular for wedding decor for what seems like forever, but it’s time to move on. It sheds, it’s a fire hazard, and it is overused. Let’s get creative. If you’re looking to book a Raleigh wedding venue soon, it might be time to ditch those pampas!