Your Summer Wedding To-Do’s

Happy Wedding Wednesday! We are thrilled to see the sun shining on this beautiful day making it finally¬†feel like Summer is here! So many of our brides opt for these warmer months but have a common question: “How should I prepare for my summer wedding?” We’re not talking flowers and linens. We’re talking hair, skin & complexion! We have your summer pre-wedding checklist for glowing from head to toe in your wedding photos!

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Summer can be difficult for anyone with unpredictable skin and hair, let alone a bride! To put your nerves at ease, starting a skincare routine that involves moisturizing and SPF is crucial. Avoid that sun at all costs! It will dry you out! At home versions of spa facial products available at cosmetic stores are an affordable and effective way to treat your skin. We say, no matter what problem you think you have with your skin, the culprit is usually lack of hydration.

Start on the inside and work your way out. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water leading up to your wedding. We consulted with some trusted makeup artists in our vendor network and confirmed dry skin, oily skin, and acne are all caused by lack of internal hydration. Give the surface and extra sip of water by combining a day and night cream to utilize the full effects of the products. Nighttime is when your body’s cells regenerate, so investing in a moisturizer that works overtime while you sleep will pay off when your big day arrives.


Wedding Hair and Make Up

Remember, we said how important it is to avoid sun exposure. If you’re still seeking out that bronzey glow for your big day, airbrush tanning is an inexpensive and smart way to achieve the look. Many tanning salons offer these private sessions where someone sprays you up and down with a fine mist, making sure the coverage is even and perfect. An added benefit to the extra bucks beyond the traditional spray tanning booth is the customized color. These shades rarely look orange or muddy and leave you with a sunkissed glow that will last up to two weeks!

Beach Wedding Summer Skin Tips

Your hair will thank you with a little extra attention as well. Start a outine to guarantee soft locks will make your day of style hold up perfectly. If your hair is oily: try a clarifying shampoo to pull out some of the extra oils and replace it with a lightweight conditioner. If your hair is dry and damaged: a deep conditioning routine 1-2 times a week. Unsure? Consult with your hair stylists (we recommend a fresh cut a couple weeks before your wedding). Find out what regimen will keep your hair full and healthy when picture time comes!


To each their beach! We cannot wait for more sunny, outdoor weddings!


Until next time, happy planning!







Photo 1: Alicia Ann Couture 2: Melani Lust Photography 3: Chike Photography