Champagne Toasts…Trust The Process

Hold the Vision. Trust the process.

At the beginning of this year, I sat and wrote out my goals for Lauren O. I described what I wanted my business to look like, feel like and grow to. Seeing my vision on paper has helped me make purposeful decisions. If something doesn’t feel right in my spirit or align with the goals I’ve laid out for Lauren O, I simply don’t do it. However, goal setting has made it a lot harder for me to have patience as my vision becomes reality.

It’s so easy to see what you want and become so frustrated by the fact that you don’t have it. You begin to doubt your vision, second guess your ability and become discouraged and disappointed with where you are in your journey. The first half of the year I would sit and go over my goal sheet every Sunday. I would cross off what I have accomplished and beat myself up for what I haven’t. I thought that by reminding myself weekly of what I wanted for my business it would light a fire under me to achieve it. I was wrong. Instead of celebrating my accomplishments and trusting the process, I was tearing it down for not moving as quickly as I wanted it to. That was a big moment for me. I realized that my goals are my compass they guide me through this process of entrepreneurship, however they are not the journey.

I came across the quote by an unknown author “Hold the vision. Trust the process.” It spoke to me because it reaffirmed what I was discovering. You have to have goals, you have to have a vision for your business and allow it to shape and mold what your business is. But, you also have to trust the process – the successes, failures, up, downs, roadblocks – that you will encounter as you battle your way to achieving what you have designed for your life.

This past week was a rough one for me. I talked about a decision I was wrestling with a few weeks ago. After praying and sitting quietly I decided to pass on the opportunity, it didn’t align with my vision and didn’t feel right in my spirit. Doing so means that I will have to make some changes in my business and while I’m not overly excited about the change, I’m holding on to my vision and trusting, and enjoying, the process.

How many of you forget to trust the process? Are you struggling with negative thoughts?

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Until next time, happy planning!