Picture Perfect

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So when it comes to your wedding photos, why take any less consideration into how your memories are going to be captured for everyone to look back on? Choosing the right photographer that fits both your budget and style can seem overwhelming. Making sure their portfolio is going to match the type of art you want from your big day is the first step in making the decision.


Trust Your Planner!

Meeting with your wedding planner to talk about personal aesthetics will make the whole process a lot less daunting. Your planner has a pool of resources to find you the right match to exactly what you envision. Think about it, you dream about your big day from the photos and videos you have seen, you want to make sure your own photos match that dream. Sorry not sorry, but your cousin who is taking up photography in his spare time is not going to be as good as a professional. This is not the time to cut corners!



After replaying your dream wedding for your planner, let it marinate. Photographers tend to have their own style. Don’t feel pressured to choose until you look into what your planner has presented you. Do you like how they capture small details or are you looking for more portraits? Do you want a lot of photos or just the basics?



Read some feedback. Maybe you want your photographer to get involved in your big day! Or, would you rather they disappear as a stealthy photo taking ninja. As with every vendor for your wedding, it’s all about how you vibe together. They’re going to be everywhere snapping candid and undoubtedly emotional moments. Your wedding planner can point you in the right direction, but it’s ultimately who you feel comfortable with as the final decision.

Keep in mind special moments like we mentioned earlier this week, such as your first look, are planned and styled by your wedding planner and photographer. They will create the timeline and bring any props required, all you have to do is be there!

Eugene-O'Neill-Theatre-Center-wedding-waterford-ct-Robert-NormanRobert Norman Photography Venue: My Little Ladies Farm and Design Co Floral: Leah Demo

Don’t cut corners where it counts. Choosing a photographer should be a top priority for your big day. Even if it seems a little overwhelming with so many styles and amazing professionals out there, your wedding planner will guide you based off of your vision. After spending so much time planning your celebration, capturing that fairytale moment just like this one will be a piece of cake!

Did someone say cake? Let’s talk about taste testing..