Spring Wedding at The Maxwell-Raleigh

A Spring wedding at the Maxwell Raleigh! How exciting, – great choice boo. Now comes the fun part, the planning and decor choices! When it comes to planning your wedding, there are plenty of details to work out and decisions to make – including the all-important color palette! One of the first things you do when planning your wedding is deciding what colors you will incorporate – for bridesmaid dresses, stationery, flower arrangements, table settings, and every other aspect of your big day. It’s a big choice that is weaved throughout the entire day!

While every bride has her own vision of what she wants, taking cues from popular wedding trends can help you narrow down options and choose colors that create a cohesive look throughout the Maxwell-Raleigh, no matter the season. Here are a few color themes we’re loving right now.

Primary Colors for a Spring Wedding at The Maxwell Raleigh

We’re taking it back to elementary school here, y’all. Incorporating primary colors (your reds, greens, and blues) is a bold choice that always looks trendy and bold. These bright shades can liven up an otherwise simple look and add some extra appeal. If you are having your Spring wedding at the Maxwell – Raleigh, these are perfect choices. This palette features more yellow than orange, so it will be warm enough to fit into any seasonal theme. Go all-in with vibrant decor, or just add pops of primary colors to add some eye-catching details.

Clay + Blush

We swoon at this color combo every time we see it. Clay and blush together are so versatile! Together, they are great colors to incorporate into your Spring wedding at the Maxwell-Raleigh if you want to create a neutral and delicate look. Both earthy tones are timeless and pair beautifully with rich reds, bright oranges, or complementary purple tones. Clay paired with blush gives a feminine earthy feel, that works in every season, but is perfect for Spring especially. Clay is bold, and added blush has just enough warmth without overpowering.

Dusty Blue Hues for a Spring Wedding at The Maxwell-Raleigh

This one gets its own paragraph. Pretty dusty blue is back, and we love it! It is saturated enough to stand out on its own but not too overpowering to pair with another statement color, like GOLD (please and thankyou)!

Dusty blue is perfect for a timeless Spring wedding at the Maxwell-Raleigh. Start with a dusty blue as your main color, then add gold accents to give it a rich, slightly boujee, feel. Light blue is one of the easiest colors to incorporate in any season or any style, from rustic to beach, to classic and traditional. It also looks great paired with burgundy, mustard yellow and deep rusty reds.

Jewel Tones

Navy, wine, emerald, and Amber- oh Lord..we love them all! Jewel tones are some of our favorite colors to work with at the Maxwell. Vibrant emerald, ruby, and sapphire hues work well with light wood or white chairs and tables. If you’re planning a wedding at The Maxwell, here are a few spring favorites

All the Yellows

Yellow is all about happiness, joy, good vibes, and sunshiney energy. It is a great color to use as either the main attraction or an addition. It stands out but knows its role in a group – a perfect color. We love yellow in all its flavors at the Co. If we had to narrow it down for the 2022 wedding season and the Maxwell, a mustard yellow would be our go-to. Mustard yellow has become an incredibly popular option for all seasons. It fits in nicely across multiple themes as well. Rustic, boho, elegant, it works – a Jack of all Trades – and we are here for it!

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