2022 Raleigh Summer Wedding Tablescape Trends We’re Here For

While we may be stuck in the gloomy, bi-polar days of winter, summer wedding planning season is here! A Raleigh summer wedding, much like the city itself, has it all. Summer weddings leave you with endless decor options, and Summer Wedding Tablescapes are quite possibly one of our favorite things to design.

Tablescapes don’t get enough credit. The table setting is more than just where you put forks and knives, it is a fundamental design element. It is about color, texture, and height. It is where people spend most of their time and is the focal point of the reception. ANd it is our favorite part of decorating!

We love table decor – These are our 5 favorites.

Au Naturale Summer Wedding Tablescapes

The trend of using decor elements from nature for a Summer Wedding Tablescape has existed for quite a few years, so this isn’t a new one- and it is still going strong. Natural elements like branches, greenery, and wildflowers are great tools for decorating your tables if you are looking for an Au Natural vibe. Greenery is gorgeous and allows you to make a statement across an entire table, with a sweeping centerpiece.

We are also digging tablescapes that use potted houseplants as centerpieces…our houseplant-lovin hearts are swooning!


We tend to gravitate toward bold colors like reds, pinks, purples, blues, and oranges in summer. Let’s incorporate those colors into our wedding decor! Bold, happy colors are a perfect match for a summer reception, whether inside or out.

I know I mentioned it in a previous blog, but we’re done with muted tones and pastels – Let’s get bold!

You can go bold in many different ways; a fully vibrant palette, bold monochromatic tones, or sneaking in unexpected pops of color randomly throughout the tables.

Speaking of bold, we have to mention the 2022 Color of the Year, Very Peri. We are here for it! Very Peri is a bold, deep shade of purple that Pantone describes as courageous, curious, daring, intriguing and that’s a mood we can get behind. Very Peri is perfectly bold and delicate and fantastic for statement pieces like chargers, linens, or florals.

And Gold!

Can we end the rose gold thing, please?

It’s always gold for us. All gold everything. Gold is classic. It’s elegant. It’s traditional, and it is versatile. We could go on and on but we’ll spare you. However, Gold will always be a wedding classic. It simply and instantly adds a little glamour and sophistication to your décor. It also doesn’t matter what kind of party you’re planning, there’s a good chance gold will fit in just right!

Adding Gold into a Summer Wedding Tablescapes is easy. Let’s go gold chairs, gold flatware, gold chargers, AND gold in the linens. Gold details fit in on every wedding level. DOn’t even get us started on gold invitations, wedding favors, accessories…we’ll save that for another blog.

Alternative Florals and Centerpieces

If you haven’t noticed yet, we love to be different here at Lauren O and Co. We are all about being creative, and daring to do something new in decor.

Let’s flip the script when it comes to florals on the table. In 2022, brides will be expressing themselves in unique ways, including their use of flowers.

Flowers set the mood of the space, but no one said that all the florals have to match. Or that all the centerpieces match. With all the options for tablescape styles, you don’t need to stick to one kind of bloom. With so many flower varieties out there, and a huge range of petal hues, why not change it up on each table? We love the tread of mismatched florals, colorful bundles of bright florals, and flowers of all different shapes and sizes!

Added bonus? Let’s add some colorful textured glass votives, vases, and goblets. Color + Texture are a match made in wedding decor heaven.

Bringing Groovy Back to Summer Wedding Tablescapes

I didn’t ever think Groovy would be the wedding vibe we were here for, but it’s 2022, and weirder things have happened! The ’70s were eclectic as hell, and honestly, we’re here for a lot of things that come with the era. The 70s gave us macramé, rattan, velvet, and a collection of burnt sunset colors, browns, and oranges, which we never thought we’d see again.  With so many eclectic elements to choose from, it’s hard to decide which ones to incorporate in your Summer Wedding Tablescapes.

We’re picturing a burnt sunset color theme and a sweetheart table, macrame backdrop, with Rattan chairs and velvet accents, and we love it.

We’re also all in for some disco balls…

Putting together a tablescape for your summer wedding is exciting, and there are so many different options! What is one of your favorite tablescape trends? Thinking about venues to host your summer wedding? Read our venue rundown here.