The Bride Next Door: Counting Down!

We are less than a year from our Bride Next Door’s big day! While this can seem like an especially stressful time in a bride’s planning process, hitting the year mark doesn’t need to be overwhelming, it should be celebrated. We sat down with Alyssa to talk about what she has booked, what wedding headaches she’s encountered, and what’s next. She also dished on her best advice for fellow wedding planners based on what she has learned so far.

The Bride Next Door: Counting Down!

Thank you, Alyssa! With the budget settled, the venue booked, and the checklist being tackled one day at a time, Alyssa is right on track for her wedding. Next up is the DJ, photographer, signature drinks, and the dress! We will have some behind the scenes coming up on the process, but make sure you check out our last blog post on who to bring and how to choose the perfect dress for you. And remember Alyssa’s advice! Dance the fine line between getting your family too involved as long as you can to keep the moment special. We are all about family and having their opinion on big decisions, but this is your day and your wedding to plan. Enjoy it with your fiance and make as many decisions together to set your marriage up for absolute success.

Thanks for tuning in! Until next time, happy planning!



Floral Photo: Rachel Girouard Photography Venue: Farmington Gardens