The Honest Truth Behind Pinterest Planning

If you’re planning your wedding, Pinterest is the first site that’s going to cross your mind. It’s the go-to place for inspiration, ideas, and real wedding pictures that you can use to inspire your own day. But before you start swooning over the thousands of pictures, listen – Pinterest is not as helpful as you think it will be. Especially if you aren’t working with a planner and are pinning things that are unrealistic for your wedding location or season or budget.

PIN-formation Overload

phone with pinterest app
Pinterest App

First and foremost, Pinterest is incredible- let me get that out there! When we need a new recipe or an idea of how to style the new boots we bought, Pinterest to the rescue! BUT, Pinterest is also overwhelming. And it is a time suck. And you can’t help but end up in analysis paralysis (we’ve all been there, scrolling through the same recipe, stressing about which is best). Wedding planning can be very overwhelming as it is – you’ve got moms, sisters, and mother-in-laws all giving their two cents. And that is without inserting hundreds of thousands of pins into the mix.

We get it-every bride wants their day to be perfect. But in reality, weddings come together with inspiration, compromises, and adjustments made along the way. Seeing images from another couples’ big day can give unrealistic expectations about what is possible for you. This is where a planner’s knowledge can help. We have been around the block and can very quickly determine whether something on your Pinterest Wedding Board is realistic or goes into the ‘Girl, you dreamin’ bucket. Using a planner will always lead you in a more realistic direction than Pinterest.

Budget Friendly Pinterest Boards are Rare

Second, and let’s be real, we all know someone who had their heart broken when they realized they couldn’t find or afford something they pinned.

When you peruse the “weddings” boards all over Pinterest, everyone has a beautiful wedding full of the best. Of course, when you see these things, you fall in love, and then are heartbroken when you realize those flowers, in that arrangement, on your wedding day, are triple your budget. Or when you find out that personalized neon lights hung around the venue had to be ordered eight months ago. Or that the bar and buffet you pinned is gorgeous, but costs 3x the amount because your wedding is in July, and outside, and the food needs to stay edible while the drinks stay cold.

The Pinterest curse is real and we see it all the time. Want to see real prices for your wedding details? We got you:Wedding Details and What they Cost – Lauren O & Co. (

Do YOU, not someone else, boo.

And last, but certainly not least, you want your wedding to be authentic to you – not what’s trendy at the moment. Pinterest is a fabulous place to get inspired and be creative. But just remember that aiming for a Pinterest Perfect wedding ain’t it. A wedding that is unique to you and your honey is where it’s at.

Pinterest Induced Wedding Envy

If you have boards all full of ideas from weddings all over the world, you could start thinking that your wedding is not good enough. The strips away some of the excitement of what should be the most perfect day of your life! 

At the end of the day, Pinterest has its uses, and it is a great tool. But don’t let it stress you out. And always remember that the location, lighting, weather, etc. are going to be different on your wedding day than the pictures you have saved. We want to focus on our couples love story on their wedding day rather than try to recreate someone else’s. Ditch Pinterest and hire a planner. Let’s do this!