Wedding Planning in Raleigh, NC is BOOMIN

Listen, you’re going to want help with your wedding planning in Raleigh, NC this year. Rumor has it, 2022 may be the biggest wedding year on record, for Raleigh especially. With the rollout of the vaccine, the boosters, and states opening up, weddings are coming back in full force. The race to the aisle is payback for a lost year of weddings, and you don’t want to get caught slipping without a wedding planner during this craziness.

Both brides who postponed, and newly engaged couples are after a limited number of wedding resources. With such big numbers expected at the altar this year, brides and grooms alike need to prepare themselves for what we are calling the Wedding Boom. To help you stay on top of your game, and sane, here’s our guide to making sure you’re ready for whatever comes your way during your planning process.

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Wedding planning in Raleigh, NC – Where do I start?

You hire a planner. A planner is your best bet for navigating the crazy that is a post-pandemic wedding world.  Whether you are going to keep it small or want a massive celebration, a planner is a great asset. Planners have developed relationships with local venues, and vendors, and have learned the ins and outs of their local wedding scene. Planners are important in regular years, but in a year when you are competing with 3x the brides, a planner will keep you sane.  They know when, and how, to pivot.

Wedding Planning in Raleigh – What Can I Expect?

COVID lockdowns wiped out the wedding season in 2020, and it seems as though people are ready to celebrate again. Wedding planning in Raleigh NC is busy on a normal year due to the location, but 2022 will be a whole new ballgame. As cities across America rush to beat a record for most marriages, Raleigh and other wedding-friendly cities are bustling with engaged couples looking to celebrate their day. A few things you should be ready for in this Wedding Boom are: 

Make decisions fast!

This doesn’t mean settling for something you don’t love, but it means you may not be able to ‘sleep on it if you do love it. Come prepared to meetings knowing what you want and then going for it.  If someone says no, we will be ready to pivot to an alternative in mind!

Prepare for price increases!

Budgets are always at top of mind with both brides and planners. With high demand, and in some cases supply issues, comes price increases. In addition to the fact that many of these vendors didn’t work for a year, many are also having a hard time getting supplies (think chicken tenders shortages, y’all) like caterers and florists.  Let’s keep it real, it’s not a matter of if prices will go up, but how much. Come to the table with a budget, but be ready to improvise if necessary. A wedding planner will be able to help you adjust to the demands and still love the result.

the maxwell, raleigh, nc May wedding boom

Be flexible with your dates!

Dreaming of a Saturday wedding in May? A dream date may be difficult to lock in with all the competition.  It never hurts to have a few backups – Look at off-season dates, Fridays and Sundays, mid-day ceremony options.  Have a few possibilities in your back pocket so you don’t lose a venue you love if your original choice isn’t available. It’s only a matter of time before those desired weekend slots get snatched up by another bride or groom.

Added Bonus- Sometimes with the off-season, non-Saturday dates, you may be able to choose from more vendors due to less demand, Occasionally, pricing is less too!

Be Ready To Pivot.

The supply chain is making things more difficult to source (eh-hem, chicken tenders). This may mean your florist can’t get a flower you love. Or the mobile bar may not have a specific item requested.  Be ready to think on your feet in preparation for any curveballs that may be thrown at you during the Wedding Boom! The good thing is Wedding Planners come equipped with multiple backup options and ideas if you hit a snag in the plan!

Wedding Planning in Raleigh, NC – Covid still exists (unfortunately)

Be aware of state and local mandates, as well as requirements for your venue. This may mean adjusting a headcount, how your food is served, or moving a dancefloor and ceremony outside. If you decide to plan for a smaller guest list, it can still be a gorgeous, fun-filled event and we got proof: Intimate Wedding Planning – Lauren O & Co. (

Yes, the next couple of years will be crazy for the wedding industry, but we’re good with crazy – and we got you. If you’re newly engaged and planning a wedding in the next few years in Raleigh, NC, we are here to help you along the way. Let’s get you hitched!

Need more proof, Brides says the Boom is real too!