Wedding Traditions – Keep or Skip?

Listen, we understand wedding traditions exist for a reason. They are tried and true, often superstitious things that have been passed down from generation to generation for decades. These are things that your grandmother and your mother may have incorporated in their weddings so you feel obligated. And we get that. But these days many couples are saying ‘buhbye’ to ancient wedding traditions and creating their own. While we understand the significance of some, there are a few that we at The Co. think can be left in the past.

Wedding Traditions We See Most

Not seeing the Bride/Groom until the ceremony:

first look connecticut weddings

It is believed that back in the day when arraigned marriages were a thing, the bride and groom didn’t see each other before the wedding ceremony so that the groom couldn’t run based on the bride’s appearance (ouch). Over time this wedding tradition morphed into people thinking it was bad juju for the groom to see his bride in her wedding gown prior to the ceremony. This tradition is old school, and not the good kind (like Biz Markie).

Today many couples decide to do a “first look” after getting ready with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. We love the first look for the bride and groom. The romantic moments together prior to the ceremony help ease those pre-wedding jitters and make for very intimate photographs. Doing a first look also allows you more time with your guests enjoying your cocktail hour, and who doesn’t want more time at cocktail hour? If you’re looking for tips on how to execute a first look, check out this blog we wrote with our top tips.

Guests seated on two sides:

Traditionally in a wedding ceremony, the bride’s guests sit on one side of the audience and the groom’s guests sit on the other. Often, the sides are determined by the type of religious ceremony.

Sometimes we have guests ask us which side is the brides/grooms, but most of the time the audience is mixed. This is one of those wedding traditions that has rather easily become a thing of the past. Pick a seat, not a side – We’re all family here, anyways! Want more info on ceremony seating? has you covered!

Matching Bridesmaid Dresses:

Bride with bridesmaids

Did ya’ll know that the reason bridesmaids wore the same gowns back in the day? It was to confuse any evil spirit who might try to crash the party.

Listen, it is clear to us that people back in the day were a bit cray. They were very superstitious and apparently lived among strange and evil spirits who hung around weddings terrorizing guests for a good time.

Thankfully, people nowadays aren’t as superstitious (or perhaps the evil spirits have found other things to do with their time). Nowadays we see a lot of our brides making an effort to prevent discomfort. Often they will let each bridesmaid chose their own gown based on a color or style requirement. We also see some brides choose a handful of different dresses and let each bridesmaid choose the option she can most easily break it down on the dance floor in. Allowing your bridesmaids to choose their own dress ensures that your girls feel comfortable, evil spirits be damned.

So, should you keep or skip wedding traditions?

Every wedding is different and personal so it is up to you which wedding traditions you keep and which you kick. Here at The Co., we believe you should do what most aligns with your values and beliefs. And if that means matching bridesmaid dresses to ward off evil spirits, do you boo! Whatever you’re planning we’re game let us know what traditions you’re planning.